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 Springfield Pre Foreclosures & Short Sales


  • Did you purchase or refinance at the top of the Springfield real estate market?
  • Do you need to sell your Ozark real estate because you are behind in your payments?
  • Is your Nixa house or Republic farm value less than your mortgage payoff?
  • A Short Sale may be your best option.  I can work with your bank to get your property sold, forgive your excess mortgage and have them pay your closing costs - depending on your situation.
  • Short Sales - Help available for Springfield, Ozark, Nixa, Rogersville, Republic, Willard, Strafford, Battlefield and surrounding areas.


Foreclosures have been a small portion of homes selling in and around Springfield Missouri.  With the decrease in home values, combined with increased taxes and insurance, owners are facing a negative balance on their loans.  Faced with the fact that they have no equity, their only alternative is foreclosure or a Short Sale.

A Short Sale can be a better alternative to a foreclosure.  With the lender's approval to accept less than a full payoff on the mortgage balance, homeowners may be able to sell and move on.  The lender may forgive the remaining balance, as well as pay the realtor fee and closing costs.  Or they may make payment arrangements to repay the remaining balance.


A bank foreclosure can remain on your credit for seven to ten years.  Obtaining a mortgage for a new home may take up to 5 years, even then, the interest rate may exceed the normal rate.  A Short Sale allows your credit to rebound much faster and allows you to repurchase without a higher rate.

Call or email me for a confidential, no obligation consultation to see if a Short Sale can work for you.  417-839-4534 or email me

Falling behind in your house payments?  We can help!  We are your Springfield Mo Short Sale Specialist!